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Diving at Morro de Potosi

A little cloudy on Friday but another great day on the ocean!  The air was a little cooler at about 74 degrees Fahrenheit around 10:00 AM and the water has cooled a bit to between 82 and 84 Fahrenheit.  This is good as we are seeing bigger fish and the blue water is coming closer to shore giving greater visibility underwater.  Because it was cloudier on Friday we saw a lot more eels than usual.  Here are a couple.

Juvenile eel
Juvenile eel

Green Moray eel
Green Moray eel

We saw a nuidbranch in the shallows but my picture is a little overexposed.  An eagle ray spotting part way through the dive was exciting too but a little too far for a picture.  Towards the end of the dive we saw a school of huge rainbow runners too.  I would guess they were 4 – 5 feet long each and we saw around 20 of them in the school.  Here are a couple more pictures.

Rare sea urchin
Rare sea urchin

Stone fish head-on
Stone fish head-on

Fishing & Diving

First fishing trip & Diving

When we first arrived we attempted to connect with the fishing Captain we had used previously.  Santos Soto is his name and he is a fantastic fisherman!  We spoke to some other fisherman that told us he was sick and could no longer fish.  This was sad news but they promised to pass on a message to his son who is Santos Jr. and has taken over fishing for his Dad.  A couple days into our trip we did receive a message from the security guard that Santos Jr. dropped by and left his business card.  We were really happy to hear that our message got through to the family but somewhat saddened by the news that Santos Sr. was no longer able to fish.

We found a fantastic deal on a fishing trip so decided to give it a try. Remember the adage ‘you get what you pay for!”  Yeah, it’s true.  We did manage to catch one small black tuna that we gave to the boat Captain and we did spend a relaxing day floating on the ocean and saw turtles and dolphins – not a bad way to spend a day!

On Friday after our dive trip we were walking down the street that goes along the beach and we were pleasantly surprised to see Santos Sr.!  He remembered us and we had a good talk with him. He is going in for Cancer treatment three times a week in Zihua but is well enough (and getting better) to get out and sell fishing trips for his family boat.  He no longer is able to go out on the ocean – doctors orders!  He told us he has lost 33 kg since getting sick and was in the hospital in a nearby town for 2 months.  He told us that he is feeling good and that God does not need him yet!  Perhaps we will go fishing another day soon…

Dive Trip to Sacramento and Zacatoso

Super dive at Zacatoso today!  The visibility at Sacramento dive site was not great but was a nice dive in an area that I’m sure would be a lot better when the visibility is improved.  The second dive however, just about half a kilometer away was amazing!  A nice shallow dive with plenty of fish, special critters and corals.  Our bottom time (time underwater) was close to an hour.  We could have stayed longer as most of us had plenty of air but some were getting colder after being under water for that long.  Even with the water temperature at 82 – 84 Fahrenheit you still tend to get cold after that length of time underwater.  Here are a few pictures:

Baby Eel
Upon descending shortly into our second dive we came across this baby eel.

Sea Horse
Still amazing how big the Sea horses are in Zihuatanejo.

Tree Worm
Cool Tree worm.

Stone Fish
Stonefish – don’t touch as they are quite poisonous.

Coral near surface
A picture of soft coral on a large boulder with the surface in view.

Lobster hiding under the rocks.

Zihuatanejo 2016 – First 2 weeks


We’ve been out on three dive trips so far.  I struggled a bit with the camera settings but I do have a couple pictures to share.  The size and quantity of fish in the area seems different than what we are use to but it may be caused by the warmer than usual temperatures.  Our dive trip yesterday to Morro de Potosi was to hopefully see the shark we saw in past trips.  We saw his cave but the shark was not there.  The abundance of their favorite fish in the area also suggests he has moved on.  We were fortunate to have a lady on the boat that is studying the humpback whales in the area.  She brought her hydrophone on board to listen for whales.  We did not hear any this time but we are hoping she will be coming with us in a couple weeks for a blue water dive.  The plan for the blue water dive is to go around 10 miles from shore in search of what may be a migratory path.  Once we think we’ve found it we will descend into the ocean to maybe 40 feet.  The hope is that we will have a chance to see larger fish and possibly whales as they migrate.  Wish us luck!  Here are a few dive pictures so far:

Sea Urchins
Sea Urchins

Tiny Anemone
Tiny Anemone

Moorish Idol Morro de Potosi
Moorish Idol

Biking trip to Playa Linda

We bussed from Zihuatanejo to Ixtapa where we rented bikes with our friends from White Rock B.C.  The path from Ixtapa to Playa Linda is an excellent bike trail.  It is mostly flat, paved and has markers every 0.5 km and maps.
Karl, Jill & Pat biking to Playa Linda

When we got to Playa Linda we got there just in time for a Mexican pole dancer performance.  Quite a spectacular site to see!
Mexican pole dancers
Mexican pole dancers

Playa Linda 1
Playa Linda

There is a fenced off area where crocodiles and iguana wonder around.

Iguana at Playa Linda
Iguana basking in the sun.

We also found this odd looking bird. *Update – Ronda tells me it’s a Roseate spoonbill.  Thanks Ronda!
Roseate spoonbill Playa Linda

Some of our days were completed by watching the sunset from Rossy’s.  So tranquil!

Sunset in Pats glasses Rossys

Zihuatanejo 2016

We spent the first day shopping for groceries in the downtown markets. We were able to find most of what we needed in short order as we knew where most stores were that carried what we were looking for. The markets were busier than normal due to the holiday. It’s the busiest we’ve seen here. We normally take the city bus from downtown to where we were staying but after 3 buses came and filled up to crouching room only and about 30 more people waiting we decided we’d take a taxi.
The next day we made our journey over the rocks to las Gatas beach. Such a beautiful beach but very busy on Sunday.
Mexican holiday at las Gatas

A few other views of the beach.
Mexican holiday at las Gatas 5
Las Gatas beach looking towards La Ropa beach.

Mexican holiday at las Gatas 3
Las Gatas beach looking towards the end of the bay. The opening to the bay is between the rocks in the distance and the palm trees.

Knitting at las Gatas
Pat managed to knit a couple rows, which is better than I can say for our neighbors beside us. 5 young gentlemen brought a case of beer and a bottle of rum. I think they started a little early…. Ffeliz Año Nuevo amigos! Happy New Year friends!

Campbell River 2015

We traveled to Campbell River BC (the Salmon capital of the World!) during the last week of August 2015.  The weather was a little wet but we got our and saw a lot of sights.  Here are a few pictures from our trip to Campbell River.

We were fortunate to see this Bear eating Salmon beside the fish ladder at the Quinsam Hatchery near Campbell River.  Days after we took this picture the area was taped off to protect the public from getting too close to the bear as he gorges on salmon.

Video of the Bear eating a salmon.

Bear walking towards the corner where he caught the fish seen above.

A cool looking tree on our walk to Elk Falls.

Elk Falls suspension bridge built by the Rotary Club of Campbell River was opened in May 2015.

Great Blue Heron perched on a tree in Gold River BC.